Pink@Heart’s original mission was to be a traveling exhibit, auction, and support book created by breast cancer survivors for the newly diagnosed. Unfortunately, despite great interest and enthusiasm shown to us by everyone we’ve talked to about the project – including 3,000 people at a local crowdsourcing event – we did not have enough signups to continue the project in its intended form.

I’m not quite ready to give up, though.

After stepping back and evaluating the project, I found a general consensus: Anonymity.

My original goal remains the same: It isn’t about finding a cure. It’s about offering support to those in the thick of the battle through encouragement, love, and an awareness that can only come from someone else who has been in it.

Pink@Heart is now a CHALLENGE, an all call, to all breast cancer survivors and their families worldwide:
I’ll write the book. You supply the encouragement, love, and support to those newly diagnosed with this awful, invasive disease.

Anyone who has breast cancer or is a family member touched by its effects, who would like to contribute anonymously or otherwise is welcome to do so. This is a work of love for me, but I cannot do it without all of you.

  • I want this book to represent your journey, what you have learned, what you wish you had known, what advice you would give to family and friends that want to help you cope with it, and all the love, encouragement, and hope that you can pass on.
  • I want to gift it to the newly diagnosed and offer it at wholesale to oncology offices and hospitals, as well as sell it online with all of the proceeds going back into the project to make more books. Books sold online would work under a buy-one/gift-one model – buy a copy and one will be gifted to someone who needs it.

We made oodles of connections with both survivors and health-related organizations at One Spark Jacksonville so I know that the need and interest is there. I have since shut down Art for Cures, it was time to move on, but this book is needed and I’m hoping that you will help by getting in touch with me contributing your words to the project. The book will be published under my own imprint, Dragonfly Press Publishing.


Spread the word about the book and help us get contributions of wisdom and hope from breast cancer survivors and their families that can be passed on to those who need to hear it.

Come Like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pinkdoesnotdefineme then help us spread the word on your favorite social media by using #definitionpink and @dflypress

If you are breast cancer survivor, we’d love to have you join our closed Facebook group and help me plan and create the book at https://www.facebook.com/groups/pinkatheart/

Thank you for your interest. Spread the word!